Citron Research Genius Brands Market News Op-ed Robinhood 

Short-Seller Targets Every Millennial’s New Favorite Stock

Veteran short-seller Citron Research has singled out Genius Brands as an easy short-sell. Genius has risen by over 2,000% within a month, and it’s the most popular stock on Robinhood. Citron says that makes shorting the stock “child’s play.” Award-winning short-seller Andrew Left has singled out Genius Brands as a grossly overvalued stock, and the Citron Research founder says investors are about to get burned. Genius has skyrocketed by over 2,000% within a month, becoming a favorite among the millennial investors who populate Robinhood. Millennials have piled into Genius Brands…

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Black Lives Matter George Floyd Headlines Iyanna Dior Op-ed 

The Brutal Attack on Iyanna Dior Proves ‘Black Lives Matter’ Isn’t Enough

Iyanna Dior is a black trans woman who was brutally attacked at a convenience store in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is the nexus of the latest #BlackLivesMatter protests, and where George Floyd was murdered. Dior’s attack caused activists to make clear: all Black lives must matter. Iyanna Dior had no idea that she would lead a movement. The trans black woman — a native of Minneapolis — found herself at the center of the current Black Lives Matter movement when a video of her assault went viral on social media. And while, thankfully, Dior…

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berkshire hathaway Headlines Op-ed Warren Buffett 

Buffet’s Losing Billions; Here’s What He Should Do to Get Back on Track

Warren Buffett’s top holdings have suffered tremendous losses this year. The Oracle of Omaha should consider cutting his losses to free up capital. He can use the available money to invest in the future. Warren Buffett, the greatest value investor, has lost tens of billions of dollars amid the global pandemic. He needs to make drastic changes in his investing strategy, or he’ll likely lose more money in the coming months. Buffett Should Consider Cutting Some of His Losses While investing heavily in intrinsically valuable companies has made Warren Buffett…

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Gaming News Op-ed Red Dead Redemption Rockstar Games 

Rockstar Leak Teases the Next-Gen Remake You’re Craving

A new leak claims Rockstar Games is gearing up to release what sounds like a phenomenal remake of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar is allegedly remaking the original for the next-gen with an engine overhaul, new missions, and new features borrowed from RDR2. The leak suggests Rockstar plans to announce the game soon with an eye on a 2021 launch. Forget about GTA 6. A fresh leak from an anonymous source suggests the next big release coming from the Rockstar Games monolith is a Red Dead Redemption remake for PC…

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Dancing With the Stars Entertainment meghan markle Op-ed 

A Hollywood Insider Finally Found the Perfect Gig for Meghan Markle

I know that Meghan Markle’s fanbase had high hopes for her once she broke free of the evil royal family. It hasn’t quite worked out for poor Malibu Meg. Angelina Jolie hasn’t come knocking yet. She’s been offered a spot on Dancing With the Stars, though! That’s something, right? When Meghan Markle finally hit the jackpot and married her Prince Charming, I imagine she had some pretty lofty ambitions. Can you really blame her? Since the royal step-down was announced, we’ve seen Meghan touted as an A-lister in Hollywood, a…

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Market News Op-ed United States 

The Housing Market’s 9-Year Winning Streak Is Finally Coming to an End

U.S. home prices extended their nine-year winning streak in April, rising 5.4% over previous-year levels. That streak is about to come to an end. CoreLogic analysts predict this key metric of housing market strength will fall 1.3% over the next 12 months. With millions of people likely to remain unemployed for months to come, house prices could remain depressed for years. For nearly a decade, U.S. home prices have clung, unwaveringly, to an upward trajectory. But according to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Index Report, this key gauge of housing…

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Donald Trump George Floyd Headlines Op-ed Politics 

Trump’s Protest Reaction Is Even Worse Than His COVID-19 Response

Donald Trump addressed the nation today, saying he’s an “ally of peaceful protestors.” Moments before his speech, Washington D.C. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors. Just like his response to COVID-19, Trump has failed miserably. In a press conference this afternoon, Donald Trump took a mandatory few moments to express his condolences to George Floyd. But that just was the sugar he used to coat the pill he was about to force down our throats. He proceeded to express his genuine remorse over how police have…

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Black Lives Matter ellen degeneres Entertainment George Floyd Op-ed 

Ellen DeGeneres Posts Tone-Deaf Tweet, Proving She’s Really Awful

Ellen DeGeneres sent a tweet in which she refused to acknowledge black people, calling them “people of color.” Many black activists and celebrities called her out for her tone-deafness. Can we cancel Ellen already? Please? Ellen DeGeneres needs to be canceled. The talk show host, desperate to insert herself into the Black Lives Matter conversation currently dominating the headlines, sent out a tweet in which she erased the “Black Lives” part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Naturally, it didn’t take long for activists—both black and white—to call her out….

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amazon Business News Elon Musk Jeff Bezos Op-ed Tesla 

Tesla Needs Democrats to Break Up Big Tech or Amazon Will Eat Its Lunch

Amazon is increasingly encroaching on space occupied by Tesla. The online retailer has invested in electric and autonomous car startups. For the newly minted conservative, Elon Musk’s solution may lie with Democrats. More than two decades after launching as an online retailer, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is now in nearly every industry ranging from entertainment to manufacturing fast-moving consumer goods. It has not had enough, though, and recent developments suggest that transportation is the next frontier. Last year, Amazon led investment rounds in electric car firm Rivian and self-driving technology startup Aurora…

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