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Desperate China Signals U.S. Trade Deal but the Stock Market is Doomed

In a sudden u-turn, China pledged to implement the phase one trade deal signed with the U.S. As the global stock market feels the strain of economic decline, governments are rushing to deescalate tension. China’s difficult decision shows the global economy is highly fragile. After weeks of escalated tension, the Chinese government is seemingly concerned about the current trend of the global stock market. China’s Premier Li Keqiang reaffirmed at the annual meeting of lawmakers called “Two Sessions 2020” that the country will adhere to the phase one trade deal…

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Barstool Sports Founder Blasts Trump for Tanking Chinese Stocks – Here’s Why

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy roasted Trump for “messing with” the Chinese stock market. Portnoy seems to have a pretty good handle on the stock market, despite his site’s “bro” humor. But is Portnoy misguided in his roasting of Trump? Barstool Sports epitomizes bro culture. If Tucker Max and The Pickup Artist had a baby they dumped in foster care, it would be the popular sports and entertainment site. But despite his site’s reputation, founder Dave Portnoy seems to have a pretty good grasp on the stock market. That’s why…

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Apple Targets India for Manufacturing. That’s Bad News for China.

Apple is moving 20% of its China-based manufacturing to India. The move will reduce Apple’s exposure to the fortunes of the Chinese economy. Amid a rekindling of the U.S.-China trade war, Apple’s move could hasten China’s relative decline as an economic superpower. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is moving 20% of its production from China to India, as the technology giant seeks geographic alternatives in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In diversifying, Apple may ultimately protect itself from future shocks. Its move may also signal a more general and long term reduction…

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Massive Pollution in China Makes Apple Stock a Screaming Buy

Morgan Stanley believes Apple stock is looking bullish as China slowly recovers from a coronavirus-induced lockdown. The sudden deterioration in China’s air quality suggests industrial production is ramping up again–and that includes Apple’s factories across the mainland. Apple’s share price rose more than 3% Wednesday but continues to trade well below its February peak. On a day when much of the world was celebrating Earth Day, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) investors should be rejoicing at the sudden deterioration in China’s air quality. According to Morgan Stanley, the massive smog clouds engulfing the…

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The Faux ‘Pandemic’ That’s Freaking Out All Your Friends

A man who died on a bus in China tested positive for the rodent-borne hantavirus. Authorities tested the bus’ other passengers, prompting fears of another coronavirus-like global pandemic. The hantavirus disease is highly fatal. Luckily, it almost never spreads from human to human. The coronavirus outbreak may have only just begun, but already the world has begun freaking out about another deadly virus. This is the hantavirus, which yesterday killed a Chinese man who was travelling on a bus to Shandong. Carried by rodents, the hantavirus can cause severe respiratory…

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China’s Insane Fortnite Limits Take ‘Nanny State’ to Ridiculous New Levels

China is implementing new Fortnite gameplay restrictions. These new limits could severely hinder the country’s expanding the esports scene. Overall, in-game restrictions are going way overboard. China’s government has already placed infamous limits on younger gamers. Kids and teens can’t play past 10 pm on weekdays, and they’re restricted to three hours on weekends. But as if those measures weren’t draconian enough, one Fortnite leaker claims those policies are about to get even more extreme. Chinese Fortnite players who log more than three hours in one session will see their…

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Did Coronavirus Originate in America? Chinese Media Pushes Conspiracy

Chinese state-run media has reported that many Chinese believe Wuhan coronavirus originated in the U.S. The report claims that the disease is being mistaken for influenza – which has already killed 16,000 this season. The conspiracy may be part of an intensifying information war between competing governments. Since the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, which has now grown to infect 79,000 and kill over 2,000, Chinese authorities have attempted to deflect attention away from the crisis by comparing it to the American flu season. Some claim that influenza, which…

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Are Overstimulated Stocks Ignoring Coronavirus Risks?

The Wuhan coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the globe and may soon be declared a global pandemic. The crisis is having a significant economic impact on companies, but financial markets remain nonchalant. China’s economic stimulus may be distorting financial markets. The West should avoid falling into the same trap. The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has grown into what looks to be the start of a global pandemic. Confirmed cases of the disease have soared to around 78,000 with 2,362 fatalities. The virus is spreading rapidly outside of China due to a…

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The Coronavirus Outbreak Just Made This the World’s Worst Job

Chinese authorities are finally being more transparent about the size and severity of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Over 1,700 healthcare workers have become infected. It’s safe to say these unfortunate souls have the worst job in the world. Think your job is hard? Try being a Chinese healthcare worker in the coronavirus-plagued Hubei province. According to data released from China’s National Health Commission, at least 1,716 health workers have been infected with the coronavirus. Six of them have died from the disease. Coronavirus Makes Healthcare a Life or Death Occupation…

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5 Reasons Coronavirus is Way Worse than You’ve Been Led to Believe

The conflicting information coming out about coronavirus speaks volumes about how dangerous the novel disease could be. There’s ample reason to believe the situation is likely much worse than anyone thinks. Here are five convincing reasons to believe so. The coronavirus is a whisker away from becoming a pandemic for the World Health Organization (WHO). In truth, it’s already a worldwide threat. By the time the WHO begins to digest what is going on, things could get much worse. The press and the authorities have been giving conflicting information, and…

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